Bow Wow Brunch at Lunasea: A Pawsome Sunday Funday for You and Your Pup!

Looking for a way to make your Sundays extra special? Look no further than the Bow Wow Brunch at Lunasea in Virginia Beach! This unique event welcomes both you and your beloved furry friend to enjoy a delightful brunch experience together. With a specially curated menu designed by their talented in-house Chef, this is an occasion you and your pup won’t want to miss. Get ready for a wag-tastic time filled with delicious food, canine camaraderie, and unforgettable memories.

bow wow brunch at lunasea

Sunday Funday for Fur Babes: We all know that Sundays are meant for relaxation and enjoyment, and what better way to spend it than with your four-legged companion? The Bow Wow Brunch at Lunasea offers the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your pup while indulging in a delectable culinary experience. Gone are the days of leaving your furry friend behind when you go out for brunch – now you can bring them along and create beautiful memories together.

Delicious Brunch Options: Lunasea understands the importance of providing exceptional dining experiences for both humans and their pets. That’s why they have enlisted the expertise of their talented in-house Chef to create a menu that caters to both your taste buds and your pup’s discerning palate. From mouthwatering human dishes to specially crafted dog-friendly meals, this brunch is a gastronomic delight for everyone.

Picture yourself savoring scrumptious dishes like fluffy pancakes topped with fresh fruits and syrup, savory omelets filled with an array of ingredients, and perfectly brewed cups of coffee to kickstart your morning. Meanwhile, your furry companion can delight in a selection of wholesome doggy delights made with love. The Bow Wow Brunch truly ensures that both you and your pup are treated to a memorable dining experience.

Canine Camaraderie and Fun: The Bow Wow Brunch isn’t just about the food; it’s also an opportunity for your pup to socialize and make new friends. Lunasea welcomes all doggos to join in the fun, creating a lively and friendly atmosphere where canine camaraderie thrives. Your fur baby can interact with other four-legged guests, exchanging playful sniffs and tail wags, while you engage in conversations with fellow dog-loving brunch enthusiasts.

Location and Schedule: The Bow Wow Brunch will take place on Sunday, June 4, from 10am to 3pm EDT at Lunasea, located at 206 22nd Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. With its charming and pet-friendly ambiance, Lunasea provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable Sunday Funday with your pup.

The Bow Wow Brunch at Lunasea is a delightful event that combines two great joys in life: good food and the company of your beloved pup. This unique experience allows you to treat yourself to a scrumptious brunch while ensuring that your furry friend is also included in the fun. So mark your calendars, gather your friends, and bring your fur babe along for an unforgettable Sunday Funday at Lunasea. Make memories, savor delicious food, and embrace the joy of spending quality time with your pup.

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