Your loving partner needs, wants, and deserves SPECIAL ATTENTION maybe more often than you think to give.

You are busy. Preoccupied with work. Aggravated with that dumb-dumb that you have to deal with every day at the office. Tired. Who has time or the energy to even think about "romance?" (Two-thirds of all marriages end in divorce and the number-one reason given by divorcing women- "he just didn't pay enough attention to me anymore."

For you, my friend, I have got a SOLUTION!

With this letter, YOU are entitled to an evening charmed by all the creativity of Alvina, the Official Romance Director!

When you and your Very-Significant-Other arrive at Phoenix On Bain, you'll self check-in to find it specially set up for you...lights dimmed, lit by candle light and the fire flickering in the fireplace....rose petals ...with the view of the sunset or starry night over the Elizabeth river.

In this crowdless, intimate setting there will be NO families, NO CHILDREN, NO disruptions. Quiet mood music. A peaceful environment. A haven from the hustle, bustle, noise and pushing and shoving and rushing of the real world.

On your table, in a charming vase, there will be red roses. Attached will be a handwritten card with your heartfelt message and a $50 gift card to the vendor of your choosing.

Chilling in the fridge will be a wonderful house wine - red, white or sparkling, your choice-compliments of Phoenix On Bain!

For dinner, all the TENDERNESS the two of you can handle- if you choose the specialty of the house: Italian Dinner Date Night Kit- Packed with everything you need to whip together a melt-in-your-mouth Italian Dinner as a couple or let them rest while you make the magic in the kitchen.

Any choice from our dessert menu...


And finally a box with delicate chocolates!

After dinner, continue to impress! Draw a special bath with the rose petals and luxurious spa bath gift set we left for you. Poor your amor a glass of wine and let them relax in bliss while you make the dishes disappear in the dishwasher so they don't have to see it.

Now, is that an evening to enjoy, to luxuriate in, to remember? Will that make you a hero? Ah--I GUARANTEE IT.

But it doesn't end there my friend...

Now that they are relaxed, grab the movie night kit we left for you with snacks, que up a movie and curl up together in front of the fireplace...or play some of the games on the shelf. Spend special quality time together.

Want to get out? Phoenix On Bain is centrally located near River's Casino, Downtown Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

The bedroom will also be set up for the ultimate in indulgence...candles flickering, luxury linens of satin and velvet, and of course rose petals.

In the morning, whip up some breakfast for your beloved with the Romantic Breakfast kit we arranged for you, and serve it in bed with the provided tray...or dine together al fresco on the balcony overlooking the river...and soak in the memories.

Do you think they will be smiling, feeling appreciative, happy, and loved as you depart? You bet they will!

We can only accommodate 1 couple each evening with this very special Ultimate Romance Package ,and the calendar is filling up fast, so it's important to click here and make a reservation for the Ultimate Romance Package as early as you can. I will follow with an email to finalize all the details for you.

Awaiting your commands-to make 'a magic for you!