What’s Considered A Micro Wedding? 5 Easy Tips For Planning

admin January 26, 2023

What’s Considered a Micro Wedding?

You might be asking, “What’s a Micro Wedding and how to plan it?” A micro wedding is a smaller-scale celebration compared to traditional weddings. With fewer guests, it opens up possibilities for unique experiences and activities that don’t require splurging or maxing out your budget. If you’re looking for an intimate and cozy way to celebrate getting married and save some money in the process, consider hosting a micro wedding.

What's considered a micro wedding?

Define What Type of Wedding You Want.

Before you start planning your micro wedding, it’s important to find out what type of event you’re looking for. Will this be a traditional ceremony in a church or chapel? Or will it be something more unique and personal? Consider venues that can either provide a traditional backdrop or give off an old-world feel with charm and personality before deciding which type of celebration fits best.

What’s a Micro Wedding Guest List like & How To Remain Courteous of Others’ Feelings.

It can be difficult to decide who’s in and who’s out when planning a micro wedding. You want to honor those nearest and dearest to you – but you also don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by leaving someone off the list. Make sure to remain courteous of others’ feelings while still remaining true to your budget and desired guest count by creating a budget narrative that allows for an intimate occasion shared with close family and friends. This will help ensure everyone feels included, regardless of their presence on the actual day.

Choose the Right Venue for a Smaller Wedding-Style Celebration.

A venue plays a huge role in creating the ambiance and tone of your event. When looking for smaller wedding venues, think about what would best suit the style and feel of your micro wedding. Consider an outdoor garden that can accommodate 25-50 people for a more intimate atmosphere that won’t overpower a smaller guest list. For larger micro weddings up to 100 guests, look for an indoor banquet hall or destination estate that has the capacity to suit your desired number of attendees, while still providing ample seating and space for dancing and mingling.

Cut Back on the Expenses and Use the Money to Appreciate Your Guests

With a micro wedding, you don’t need to invest a fortune on decorations and additional amenities. Instead, focus on making your guests feel appreciated. You can put the money saved from cutting back on expenses directly into ensuring that your invites will truly feel special. From personalized place cards to welcome bags with handwritten notes, there are plenty of customizable options to thank them for coming and make them feel comfortable, respected and part of your loving community of family and friends.

Make a Budget for Your Event and Stick to It!

When it comes to hosting a micro wedding, one of the most important things to do is budgeting. Take into consideration all the expenses that go into planning and hosting a small scale wedding and set realistic limits on what you can reasonably spend. It can help to break down your budget according to types of expenses like venue costs, food and drinks, decorations, entertainment, and more. Decide ahead of time where you’d like to save money (e.g., opt for homemade desserts instead of an expensive cake) and what non-negotiable items will eat up your entire budget (e.g., an open bar for guests). Doing so will help ensure that your micro wedding actually stays within your set limitations!

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What's a Micro Wedding?

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